What We Do

Tamaca Therapy Services Inc. is a team of professionals providing in person/on site services in:

Speech and Language Therapy

Hearing Screenings

Occupational Therapy


Psychology Group Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Trauma and Suicide Intervention and Prevention Counselling

Mediator/Restorative Practices Facilitation

Communication Intermediary Services

Mental Health First Aid Certification


Tamaca Therapists travel to rural, remote, and First Nations communities to provide assessment, intervention, and counselling services in the client’s home community.

From Tamaca Therapy Services Inc, you can expect excellent services provided in person to the children, families, and staff in your community.  We prioritize lasting and positive relationships.  All other goals and tasks are built upon this essential foundation. 

About Us

Tamaca Therapy Services Inc. was incorporated in 2017 and has grown to a team of 25  Allied Health Professionals, including: Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists,  Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors and a Mediator/Restorative Practices Facilitator. Tamaca Therapists travel out to rural and First Nations communities to provide assessment, intervention, and counselling services in the client’s home community. 


To explore in more detail how Tamaca may be able to partner with you to bring appropriate services to your community, please contact us for a no obligation consultation. From there we would be happy to provide a quote for any of our services.


Tamaca is pleased to offer customizable workshops focused on Speech & Language Development and Promotion, Fine and Gross Motor Development and Promotion, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health First Aid, and more.  Workshops are held in person, on site at a location that is convenient for our clients.


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