Darlene O’Keefe, SLP

Darlene O’Keefe is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist and Alberta Certificated Teacher living in Calgary. She has been working with children and their families in Alberta for the past 31 years in a variety of locations and settings including schools, daycares, preschools, Head Starts, and health centers. She taught Kindergarten as well as a specialized preschool program.

Her greatest joy in her work has been in working directly with children and their families and seeing and helping children develop to their greatest potential. All children deserve this opportunity and being given the opportunity to work with children and their teachers and caregivers on the First Nations is such an incredible adventure and honor.

Darlene has a husband, three grown sons, two extra sweet grandchildren and two dogs. She loves the ocean, is an avid reader, and loves to paint when she has time.